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About QCM

Analyzing Mental Health Impact on Physical Symptoms

Our Mission

It is our mission at Quality Care Metrics to provide accurate insights resulting in meaningful engagement and better patient care using affective computing and artificial intelligence data driven responses utilizing computer vision and pattern recognition.

QCM continues to push the envelope driving accuracy in patient reporting, better patient-physician interaction and communications, reducing overall health costs.

Continually Working For

  • Better Patient Care
  • Meaningful Engagement
  • Accurate Insights
  • Proper Diagnosis
  • Effective Treatments
  • Cost Savings

Helpful Patient Physician Dialogue

Patients are becoming increasingly frustrated with their doctors. Doctors spend more time looking at their computers rather than listening to patients. In the last 25 years the average doctor visit is now down to 6 minutes with most of that time spent with the doctors back toward the patient.

Patients aren’t the only ones negatively impacted by EHR (Electronic health record). The number one cause of doctor burnout is the EHR. Doctors have been reduced to data entry personnel. Doctors spend more time on their EHR’s pecking away at keys rather than treating patients.

The dehumanizing effect of computers in the exam room is causing dissatisfaction among both patients and doctors alike. Doctors are working for the computers instead of the Computers working for the doctor QCM is the first digital offering to reverse that trend.

With QCM You Receive

  • Customized reports
  • NIH validated assessments
  • Reduces computer associated burnout
  • Enhances physician-patient communications
  • User-friendly interface
  • Immediate reporting & analysis

Providers love our reimbursement model. Our independent analysis shows that our team of representatives are

Using Artificial Intelligence to Humanize Healthcare

Care • Engagement • Insight

Quality Care Metrics is continually working to enhance how technology can improve the way that patients are diagnosed and treatment options recommended. Today, QCM offers a unique platform for physicians to interact with their patients on a subconscious level. This deep interaction allows for a better understanding of their patients and more efficient treatment plans. As we continue to develop our technology, physicians and patients continue to yield the benefits our advanced algorithms produce.