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Quality Care Metrics is a healthcare technology company focused on helping physicians improve patient care.

Deep Empathy analyzes patients’ physical and mental health symptoms through an intuitive, interactive, and comprehensive assessment that uses Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) with Item Response Theory (IRT).

Deep Empathy™ affords you more time engaging patients and less time scanning EHR’s. Less data entry, more human interaction, and more revenue for your practice is a win-win-win scenario.

At QCM, we continually strive to enable you to provide patients with:

Deep Empathy

Deep Empathy

Better Overall Care, Deep Empathy™

Better Overall Care

Meaningful Engagements, Deep Empathy™

Meaningful Engagements

Deep Empathy, Insights

Data-Driven Insights

Accurate Diagnosis, Deep Empathy™

Accurate Diagnosis

Enhanced Treatments, Deep Empathy™

Enhanced Treatments

Deep Empathy™, Reduced Frustration

Reduced Frustration

Objective Results, Deep Empathy™

Objective Results

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