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Understanding the physical and mental health makeup of a patient is essential for making an accurate diagnosis on their overall wellbeing.  You may inadvertently treat a physiological condition whose root cause is psychological (eg: hypertension caused by anxiety).

Deep Empathy™ builds upon what algorithms do best: pattern recognition.

The assessment reads moods and mood shifts over time, an approach pioneered by the new field of affective computing. The results neatly prepared, leaving doctors time to do what they do best – providing compassion and being “present” for patients.

With optimal data, accurate algorithms, and an improved diagnostic process, Deep Empathy™ recognizes that technology is about tools, whereas healthcare is about person-to-person engagement and trust.

Deep Empathy™ Pattern Recognition

How it Works

QCM’s Deep Empathy™ technology measures emotional response outcomes by capturing patient-given data via our assessment tool, and analyzing it through our proprietary algorithm.  During the self-assessment, we capture a variety of factors that help minimize patient-induced bias, as follows: 

Deep Empathy™, engagement





Data, Deep Empathy™

The capture and analysis of these measures increases the assessment’s accuracy, giving you powerful insights to create meaningful engagements and better patient care.

Utilizing our assessment tool, you receive a comprehensive report of results in one convenient, easy-to-understand dashboard.  The dashboard stores the 3 latest assessments, which helps you follow a progression of treatment plans over time, maintaining a deeper understanding of each patient, and enabling how best to treat each of them.

Deep Empathy™ provides you data on many different National Institutes of Health (NIH) approved domains, giving you the most precise picture of your patients’ health.

Deep Empathy™ telehealth option dispenses a simple link for patients to take the assessment prior to their visit.  The results are sent to the physician dashboard and are ready for candid discussion with the patient during in-person visist or televisit.

Telehealth, Deep Empathy™

Who Uses Deep Empathy™

All physicians have a responsibility towards ensuring the best possible treatment for their patients while managing:




Deep Empathy™, increase revenue

The following specialists have found Deep Empathy to be highly advantageous for their practices:

Determine the levels of actual pain vs. overriding mental health conditions prior to a new patient’s first visit, or existing patient’s next visit, then periodically assess repeatedly to track comparison and progress of treatment.

Establish an overall wellness baseline pre-surgery, then get a comparison against the baseline six months post-surgery, and again one year post-surgery, or as needed.

Establish an overall wellness baseline prior to a new patient’s first visit, or existing patient’s next visit, then periodically assess repeatedly to track comparison and progress of treatment.

Use the assessment at the very least as an annual wellness check for every patient, and deploy repeatedly as determined necessary.

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