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Future of QCM

A Better Outlook For Patient Care

It is our mission at Quality Care Metrics to provide accurate insights resulting in meaningful engagement and better patient care. We use pattern recognition and computer vision to ensure non-biased patient responses. Combining affective computing and artificial intelligence, we ensure non-biased, data driven responses.

As QCM continues to push the envelope, it is our mission to create accuracy in patient reporting never before seen in traditional testing. We have tracked and increased satisfaction in patient-provider interaction and communications. Patients are being diagnosed more accurately, and treatment options are more complete and effective. In short we anticipate a reduction in health costs.

Artificial Intelligence Humanizing Healthcare

Translating what patients are saying accurately into a language a physician can understand is a monstrous hurdle. QCM is working hard to overcome this challenge. Helping bridge the gaps in patient-provider communication is the core of our mission.

Using cutting edge software QCM combines best-of-breed technology diagnosis tools, advanced heat mapping to uncover subconscious queues, and provides a report in real time via the EHR. Finally, a technology that cuts down on physician fatigue and maximizes patient health, all while decreasing cost. QCM fills the gaps in self-assessments, EHR burnout, and communications with our advanced technology.

More Tech. More Security

Increased technology means an increased responsibility to keep your patient records secure. QCM takes your security seriously without sacrificing the best in technology. The most advanced cyber security measures provided by Blockchain are continually enhancing patient and physician protocols.

Enhanced Computer Vision

QCM patent pending technology uses computer vision to determine the accuracy of patient’s responses. Using a proprietary algorithm, QCM checks a variety of factors during every assessment. This includes:

  • Checking engagement
  • Response time
  • Subconscious confusion
  • Valence
  • Facial action units
  • Optical imaging

Our proprietary algorithm collects data and analyzes it to instantly assess the extent of bias in the patient’s response.

Powered by Blockchain Enabled Security

Using the most advanced, state-of-the-art security measures, patient files are always held at the highest level of security. During the process of emotion tracking using facial mapping, no patient data is ever stored in regards to facial images, or visual files. All patient files are encrypted and data is available through your patient dashboard.

Assessing Human Emotions

Assessing human emotions isn’t as easy as one might think, self-assessing is that much more challenging. Unfortunately, when people report their responses to doctor’s questions their answers are flawed, incomplete and inaccurate. Subconsciously, patient’s reports are biased for numerous reasons. People suffer from recall bias socially acceptable bias, and self-deception.

Insurance companies have identified these problems to be of such magnitude that they encourage a more comprehensive overview of patient evaluation and treatment.

That’s where our P²I² assessments come in. About Our Payors

QCM solves the problem of subconsciously poor communication by patients with Facial Action Coding. Given the advantage providers are able to accurately determine the patients subconscious responses. Now patients give the most complete, accurate, non-biased, self –reported responses clearly.

QCM patent pending technology uses subconscious facial movements to determine the accuracy of patient responses. Our algorithm can determine the extent of bias in the patient’s response by checking engagement, response time, subconscious confusion, valence, motor action units and thermal imaging.

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