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Deep Empathy™ is simple easy to administer.

The benefits of using Deep Empathy™ are advantageous
to you, your practice, and your patients including:


  • Improving patient transparency
  • Empowering patients to use their own health data
  • Enhancing physician-patient engagement
  • Promoting patient-physician trust
  • Increasing patient satisfaction
  • Enhancing deep empathy
  • Providing significant reimbursement for physician
  • Customizing reporting & analysis in an intuitive dashboard
  • Improving diagnostic accuracy
  • Reducing EHR burnout

  • Minimizing workplace stress

  • User-friendly patient interface

  • Wasting less time entering data

  • Differentiating practice with good marketing tools

  • Supporting clinical decisions

  • Streamlining record keeping

  • Mitigating liability and malpractice risk

  • Evaluating treatment efficacy

  • Lowering the cost of healthcare

Our Deep Empathy™ assessment generates a comprehensive dashboard of results, illustrating the physical and mental health of each patient.  With a heightened understanding of the patients’ mental health outlook, you will be better equipped to effectively treat their overall wellbeing, including their physical health.

Doctor with tablet explaining Deep Empathy™

Superior Patient Care Doesn’t Have to Increase Your Cost

Superior care doesn’t necessarily mean changing clinic operations or incurring additional costs. The Deep Empathy™ assessment is covered by Medicare/Medicaid and most private health insurers. As an added benefit of utilizing our Deep Empathy™, you generate an average of $170 per assessment for your practice.

More for your Patient

An optimal diagnosis is dependent upon receiving honest introspective from each patient.  Unfortunately, self-evaluation is not so simple.  Human beings often suffer from a lack of ability to recall emotional states, are likely to slant responses towards socially acceptable biases, and are frequently blinded by self-deception and delusional thinking.  This can result in less than optimal diagnoses.

The accuracy of patient response outcomes increases significantly as Deep Empathy™ verifies, through our proprietary algorithm, a variety of data points to help determine the extent of bias in patients’ responses.  The results identify those areas of mental health that may be causing an internal conflict in the patient to give you the opportunity for more meaningful interaction, diagnosis, and treatment.

Deep Empathy™, transformative
Happier patient, Deep Empathy™

Deep Empathy™ helps bridging the gap in patient-provider communications, which results in more accurate diagnoses minimizing unnecessary treatments like referrals to specialists, additional tests, more doctor visits, and wrong prescriptions.

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