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Better Patient Care Starts Here. Invest in yourself, your patients, and your practice.  Schedule a demo today of Quality Care Metrics’ Deep Empathy™ assessment and find out how to incorporate it into your medical practice to experience improved patient care and to start generating additional revenue. We offer a 30-day risk free trial. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

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The benefits of implementing a Deep Empathy™ assessment program for your practice include:

Generate Additional Revenue
Have More Meaningful Patient Engagements
Provide More Comprehensive Diagnosis
Gain Powerfully Accurate Insights
Create More Effective Treatment Plans
Metigate Malpractice Risk

Deep Empathy™ features include:

Enhanced physician-patient engagement
Greater patient-physician trust
Greater patient satisfaction
Easy to read physician dashboard
User-friendly patient interface
Fastidious record keeping
Diagnosis and treatment backup
Benchmarking for on-going patient visits
CPT coding and billing assistance
Reimbursements covered by Medicare/Medicaid & private carriers
Increase word of mouth referrals

Together we can change patient care for the better and bring the human touch back into healthcare.

Informed Provider, Deep Empathy™

Streamlined Implementation

At QCM, we recognize that driving revenue is everyone’s collective responsibility at your practice, and we like to mitigate the pain out of integrating something new into your daily workflow. This is all it takes in order to get started enjoying the successes of using Deep Empathy™:

  1. You complete our easy setup form
  2. We provide step by step instructions
  3. We conduct training and implementation
  4. We load your patient data
  5. You start a 30-Day Risk-Free trial!

It’s that simple; we do all the heavy lifting for you.

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