Track & Monitor
Vital Signs & Viral Symptoms

Quality Care Metrics (QCM) has developed a software application capable of using it's advanced optics to measure your vital signs and track the symptoms associated wtih common viral infections. The VitalsPRO application has made it possible to assess your health today as well as track it over time. The assessment sequence specifically tailored to use with the relevant signs and symptoms associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vital Signs

Using integrated computer vision technology in your smartphone you are able to assess your vital signs through the advanced camera on your smartphone device. You will find it convenient to complete our vital signs intake simultaneously while completing a bank of validated computerized patient reported outcome measures (PROM CATs) relevant to viral infections, including COVID-19.

View & Track Results INSTANTLY!

Vitals are automatically populated into the appropriate fields, the final questions of your vitals and survey series. Once completed you can choose to view or download your results. Our HIPPA Compliant email will automatically be on it's way to your inbox, and finding previous results is easy. Just click on the hamburger menu and navigate to the Results tab for a complete history of surveys taken.

Easy to Read Results.
Easy to Track Progression.

Each domain, or survey set, offers a score and your overall health score displays a composite of all your scores. Our advanced algorithm allows for you to easily read your current results, track and review your overall progression and determine whether to isolate or contact a healthcare provider.

Our investigational team will use data from regions to determine potential hotspots or where to place future resources. All data is HIPAA Compliant.

HIPAA Compliant App

Validated Patient Reported Outcome Measures


Measuring Your Respiratory Rate

Pulse Oximetry

Measuring Blood Oxygen Levels

Heart Rate

Measuring Your Heart Beats Per Minute


Input Your Temperature to Track Your Symptoms

Total Score

Measuring Overall Health Ratings for a Total Score


Measuring Signs & Symptoms of the Flu


Measuring Range of Tiredness

Pain Interference

Measuring Your Pain's Impact on Your Life


Measuring Functional Limitations Due to Shortness of Breath

Headache Impact

Measuring the Impact Headaches Have on Your Ability to Function

Commonly Reported Symptoms of COVID-19

Flu-Like Symptoms

Measured using the Flu-Pro domain


Measured using the fatigue domain.


Can be checked using the Dyspnea domain.

Shortness of Breath

Measured using the Respiratory Rate vital


Measured using the headache impact domain


Enter your temperature and track your fever